Special Treats for Veteran’s Day

Refuge Inn founder Donald Leonard served as an army medic during the second World War.

Refuge Inn founder Donald Leonard served as an army medic during the second World War.

It’s a little-known fact that our founder, Donald Leonard, was a veteran.  He didn’t tell many stories about his time in the Army as a medic during WWII, but there are a few things  he mentioned once or twice.

For one, he was on a boat headed to Europe when the war ended.  The family still has his copy of the ship’s newspaper announcing, “WAR ENDS!”

Another story that’s been told a number of times was about one fateful night, just after the war ended, at a dance at the Northington Army Hospital in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.   Don was on guard duty that night, but he heard the music and saw the pretty girls, and decided that he’d rather be a patient that night than a medic.  He donned a pair of pajamas and a patient’s robe from the store room and headed out to the dance.  During a round robin dance, where you switched partners, he met a lovely girl who wanted to know where he was from.  He told her, “I’d better not tell you… because I’m not sure how to spell it!”  They hit it off pretty good, and he agreed to visit her at home later in the week.  When he came knocking, he asked her brother if he might speak to Eileen, the young lady he’d met at the hospital dance.  Well, there was of course no Eileen at the house– he’d gotten her name wrong!  Luckily, Martha was within ear shot and recognized his voice.  In a few months, they were married in Alabama and took a train back to his home, Chincoteague Island.  Some thirty years later, they founded the Refuge Motor Inn, which their children continue to own and operate today.

To honor Don and other veterans, we’re offering a special rate for this year’s Veteran’s Day Weekend.  Service men and women can show your military ID, and get 30% off your entire stay this Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday nights (November 7-11, 2013.)  If you aren’t a Vet, you can still get a good deal for a weekend getaway on Chincoteague– we’re offering a 15% off online special for everyone to celebrate the holiday.  As is the case with all of our specials, please see our specials page for restrictions and details.

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